Unable to connect with private network

Hey guys, I'm a bit unsure on how to use the internal network.

I have a .net api that has a private network set up, and another node service that connects to the api. I tried using the private network but connection fails with....

FetchError: request to https://my-custom-url.railway.internal/api/auth/authenticate failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

Am I using the private url incorrectly? Please refer to the attached screenshot below and advise
FetchError: request to https://my-custom-url.railway.internal/api/auth/authenticate failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED
you have not specfied a port in that url, the services may get nice domains but they are still very much internal, so you always need to specify the port
its also worth noting that your app has to listen on all interfaces ::
as the private network is ipv6 only
I see, thanks for the response. Let me check that out

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