Bun install

Hi, im trying to deploy a bun app to railway, nixpacks seems to have picked it up, but is trying to run npm i when it should run bun i. How can i change this?
rare nixpacks L
Nixpacks doesn't support Bun 1.0 (yet) but we have a couple templates that use a Dockerfile like this one https://github.com/mattreid1/baojs-railway/blob/main/Dockerfile
Here's the WIP Nixpacks PR if you want to follow the progress https://github.com/railwayapp/nixpacks/pull/962
also nixpacks is setting the install command to npm ci because you still have a npm lock file in your repo
and while nixpacks doesn't install bun 1.0 by default, you can get it to by specifying a nix packages archive
got it to work with just removing the lockfile, the bun version seems to work fine for my app
not going to production for a while so shouldnt matter rn

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