Inactive deployment stuck in "waiting"

I have an old deployment stuck in a "waiting" status. I was doing some empty commit on my github repository to force a redeploy, and instantly reset the commit to remove it. Deployments are waiting for Github Actions before deploying through Railway.

Since then, other deployments went through successfully but this one is still here.

I tried using the graphql API to delete the deployment. I got a success response but in the UI the deployment still says "waiting".

mutation DeploymentRemove {
  deploymentRemove(id: "5b281412-a8f0-46e9-b9e8-08b75b47d14b")

// response
  "data": {
    "deploymentRemove": true

Project id: 34849d22-d685-4e73-8858-fbd4fe42ea65
Can that have an impact on project usage, or the deployment has to be succesfully to count toward usage?
deployment has to be running for usage metrics to be collected
so while it may be bothersome to look at (it would bother me too) it's of no concern

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