Deployment fails when pulling nixpack image

Deployments are failing on this internal build step: #3 [internal] load metadata for Build timed out ProjectId: 282c094f-07a1-4701-82a4-147bbe162b0e Service: 9e27fd77-0ec7-4430-bd2c-9802017bfb57
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Percy10mo ago
Project ID: 282c094f-07a1-4701-82a4-147bbe162b0e,9e27fd77-0ec7-4430-bd2c-9802017bfb57
Brody10mo ago
is this still happening?
fredinchy10mo ago
Yes, I redeployed the service and the build just hangs on that step for 20 minutes until a timeout Hi @Brody I redeployed again and it's working now
Brody10mo ago
glad to hear
ricepapi10mo ago
I seem to be having this issue as well i've tried reploying multiple times through the day with no luck
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