Remove 2FA


I had a string of bad luck and lost my 2FA key for my account. Then I proceeded to use my recovery key but was forced out of the session before I could generate new keys.

Your support page directed me to contact@railway.app which directs me to Discord. What options do I have?
Given that you’re not on the pro plan, this is the place. I’ll tag in the team
Thread has been flagged to Railway team by @a_dumb__.
Hey, can you create a repository in your Railway-linked GitHub account called "Railway-2FA-Reset" and link it here when you're done?
@sparrowyx ^
Is it okay if I send it privately @rayofbytes ? Linking my Discord and Github in public doesn't feel alright. Can't say I'm a big fan of creating public repos either which show I'm resetting my 2fa at the moment.
And sorry for the delay, my notifications on discord seemed to be off for some reason
All good, and yep DM the link to me I’ll reset it for you tomorrow
You can delete the repo right after
It’s the best way for us to externally verify you are who you say you are right now, which we gotta do for something like removing 2FA from an account for security reasons
Great, thanks!
Fair enough 🙂

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