ReferenceError: FormData is not defined in Production

Hello, my codes are working fine on localhost, but when I push the codes to railway it throws this message when hitting the endpoint
this is the peace of code that is working on localhost and throwing on railway

  async updateLand(
    @Param("id") land: string,
    @Res() res: Response,
    @Body() body: LandUpdateType,
    //@UploadedFiles() files: Express.Multer.File[],
    //@Req() req: Request,
  ) {
      const { name, description, tokenId, buildingModelId } = body;
        "Receiving data",
      ); // this is loging on localhost and railway logs

      const formData = new FormData();
      formData.append("Name", name);
      formData.append("Description", description);
      formData.append("TokenID", tokenId);
      formData.append("BuildingModelID", buildingModelId);

      const { data, status } = await axios.post(
        <My other endpoint>,
      if (status === HttpStatus.OK) {
      } else {
    } catch (error) {
are you sure you are calling the api with https?
on the <my other endpoint> its https://<domain>/<endpoint>
I am also receiving the data in the controller here as formdata from my nextjs application, maybe it helps you out...
what version of node are you using locally and what version is railway using?
my local version
how can I see railway node version?
it would be in the build table at the top of the build logs
yeap just found it
set engines.node to 18 in your package.json
like this?
the period denotes an object
or this
ok got it
gonna push to see i it works
it worked thanksss
no problem!

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