No sure that the changes are being applied when railway up.

I have a Django app that was working fine until recently. One day, after running railway up, I started receiving either a 502 or 503 error. I initially thought that the Railway server might be undergoing maintenance. However, the following day, when I ran railway up again, I noticed that some changes I had made to the website had reverted to the state before the last railway up.

For example, in my static folder, I have a maps.js file that handles some APIs. The link to the API had reverted to the default production Railway domain, even though I had added my own custom domain.

I tried modifying the maps.js file and even renaming it, but in the browser, I continued to encounter the same error. I'm confident that this issue is originating from Railway because I used a new browser that had never cached my website before.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue?
project ID: 89288e6a-2b76-457e-9bfa-2db25ca7a258
try setting NIXPACKS_NO_CACHE to 1
and make sure you arent committing your STATIC_ROOT folder (usually staticfiles on disk) to your repo

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