Deploying Meilisearch template does not work

RBLRick | Byont Labs9/14/2023
I have a running project, If I click on new -> template -> Meili then a new service is created. However, it will not be deployed.

Rather than using our company GH, it seems to refer to my personal github. https://github.com/RickVM/meilisearch-on-railway

If you click the link, you can see no clone/fork is made, the GH repo does not exist..

Why isn't this working?

I did a manual fork in our company GH, added the service from GH and that worked fine. It however also requires me to add a volume (I believe?) After adding the volume I just get

Error: Meilisearch (v1.3.4) failed to infer the version of the database.

To update Meilisearch please follow our guide on https://www.meilisearch.com/docs/learn/update_and_migration/updating.
RBLRick | Byont Labs9/14/2023
what github account do you have linked to your railway account?
RBLRick | Byont Labs9/14/2023
My personal account has RickVM linked, my personal account.
It does have access to our business organization as well; other apps are deployed from those repos.

TBH, I dont care much for which account it uses to deploy meilisearch from if it just works 🙂
I've been wondering why you are talking about github, so I went and checked, the meilisearch template uses a github repo to deploy a 2 lined dockerfile
I will be asking ray to replace that repo with just the docker image directly so there's no need for a github repo, but in the mean time, you can deploy meilisearch with its docker image directly and skip the template
ray has now updated the meilisearch template to deploy directly from a docker image! you should be good to go with the template

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