Referenced variables are empty

If I hardcode the url in env variables, the deployment is successful, however using a reference to a service variable, the application doesn't build as the environment variable is empty.
you want to reference RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN instead
Yes - But it gave me the option to use a variable from a sibling service. I am trying to use the RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN assigned to service A as a variable in service B
i am unable to reproduce this, please check you have everything setup correctly
Hmm.. you are right.. Seems to be working now... My bad.
@Brody Nah sry man.. I really don't know what it is I am doing wrong. But it doesn't work again.
are you building payload with a dockerfile?
The only "difference" would be that it is deployed from a turbo repo
What confuses me is that the KEY is being created - but the value is empty. If I Write an actual string in the env variable instead of the railway reference, the value appears.
remove the period from the next.js service name
Aye,... I'll try that.
I've seen names with parentheses fail to render properly
That would seem to be the culprit. Thank you.
no problem, I'll whip up an example project for me to test names that won't pass through the variable rendering system and let railway know
all i can come up with is service names with periods dont render, perhaps if the reference strings where split at the last period it would render properly?
cc @jr
I can take a look today. Perhaps the parser needs to be updated to handle it

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