Somebody got a working PostHog Template?

The current template in the marketplace is not deploying: https://railway.app/template/16rDub
can you be more specific when you say "not deploying"?
The Postgres server is starting but nothing is happening with the PostHog repo.
The PostHog Service seems to be connected with my GitHub repo and I can configure it, but there is no deployment for PostHog that is starting or triggered at all. The deployments section just stays empty and there is no history of anything happening.

I'm not sure if there were some changes in this https://github.com/PostHog/posthog repo that made might have broken the template.
Just tried it out again ...
did the repo get forked into your own github account?
@Brody yes, the repo gets forked into my github account.
#🛂|readme #5
go ahead and remove the repo from your service and add it back
sorry for the mention
ok, thank will try that
Ok, thank you, it is deploying now, but the template seems to be missing some crucial services like Redis and Clickhouse - so there is no way that the PostHog template could work for anybody on Railway.

I've added those services but I seem to be stuck because of some migration step. Probably some misconfiguration on my side. I'm not sure if I'll have the time to figure this out, but I'll share it if I do.
i agree the template does seem to be lacking the needed surrounding infra

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