502 Bad Gateway The server received an invalid response from the upstream server
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funkypenguin | ElfHosted
Create a #🏥┆elf-help ticket and I’ll take a look for you 🙂
sskur7mo ago
Hi, Again got into the same problem, in sabnzbd i enabled https and facing same 505, i edited sabnzdb.ini set https=0 , restarted by elfbot. but no use. kindly for once can you reset to wizard
funkypenguin | ElfHosted
aah, yeah you don't need https we handle that with the ingress / reverse proxy !elfbot
Carl-bot7mo ago
Need to restart / pause / backup your ElfHosted! 🧝 apps, or claim a Plex server? ElfBot 🤖 is here to help! For details, see
ElfBot, your helpful ElfHosted CLI tool - ElfHosted - app hosting t...
ElfBot is a CLI tool for ElfHosted users providing self-service functions such as restarts, backups, and Plex claims
funkypenguin | ElfHosted
you can use elfbot to do a reset