Insane AFK Ban

So wtf is RIOT doing? I leave for half a match of TDM to eat breakfast and I'm getting banned for 24h (comp only). Why am I getting banned for comp only and I'm allowed to play everything else. Plus, why is it so harsh tf. And I rarely go AFK.
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DowDaw8mo ago
VALQuestion If you require assistance, want to discuss a ban or an in-game restriction, if you were hacked or lost access to your account, please open a support ticket with Riot Support. Moderators are not Riot employees or developers and are unable to assist you with in-game issues. You can create a support ticket at https://support-valorant.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new. Alternatively, - If you need to recover your account because it was hacked for example, you can follow these steps. - If you are receiving an error code, you can find out steps to resolve them here. - If you were banned or received an in-game penalty, please read this article.