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Weekly challenges

I’ve been trying to do my weekly challenges but they keep resetting even though I’ve done it numerous times

la única manera de conseguir skins es pagando?

En VALORANT, la mayoría de las skins de armas se pueden adquirir usando Puntos VALORANT (VP), que se compran con dinero real. No obstante, existen algunas maneras de obtener skins sin pagar: 1. Pases de Batalla: Puedes comprar el Pase de Batalla y ganar recompensas al subir de nivel. Aunque el Pase de Batalla tiene un costo, también ofrece una selección limitada de skins gratis para aquellos que no lo compran.
2. Eventos y Misiones: A veces, Riot Games organiza eventos y misiones especiales que pueden incluir recompensas de skins gratuitas o promociones especiales....

How i lvl Up my operator rank?

To level up your operator rank in VALORANT, you'll need to use your available resources, which in this case appear to be the points visible at the top of your screen (currently at 2,422). For the specific rank (RANK 2/RANGO 2) you want to unlock, you'll need 2,000 points, as indicated by the "DESBLOQUEAR EL RANGO" text. Once you have enough points, you can unlock the next rank by following these steps: 1. Navigate to the rank-up menu....
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Leaderboard position on act triangle

Hi everyone. A year ago I had an act where I got to immortal 3 and stayed that 250 or so RR until the act was over. The act triangle was fully immortal 3, yet the leaderboard position number did not show up. I was inactive for over a month. I am wondering how long it takes before I need to play a game to “reactivate” my leaderboard number for it to show up on my triangle at the end of the act....
If you’re aiming to maintain your leaderboard position and have it displayed correctly at the end of an act, it's essential to stay active. If you're inactive for more than 14 days (not playing a competitive game), your leaderboard rank can disappear, and you'll need to play at least one competitive game to reactivate it. This way, your leaderboard position number will be updated and reflected accurately in your act rank triangle at the end of the act. For further details, you can check the official Riot Games support article here:
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i cant open valorant

i cant open my game, and even login my account in riot client, anyone can help me ?
It looks like you're experiencing issues signing into your Riot account, which is preventing you from accessing VALORANT. Here are some steps you can try to resolve this issue: 1. Restart Riot Client: Close the Riot Client completely and restart it. 2. Check Server Status: Sometimes login issues can be due to server problems. Check the VALORANT or Riot Games server status page for any ongoing issues. 3. Clear Cache: Clear the cache of the Riot Client. On Windows, you can do this by navigating to C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\Riot Games\Riot Client\ and deleting the "Riot Client" folder....
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How to solve this, my secure boot is enable and my tmp 2.0 too

is there a way to run 120 frames on console?

My frames are locked at 60 and it's starting to piss me off

Error Code 51 on Xbox Series X

I was referred to the beta by a friend. I claimed my code and redeemed the game on my Xbox Series X. I am unable to log into the game and I keep getting an error saying "There was an error connecting to the VALORANT platform. Please try again later." The error code is 51. Anyone know how to fix this?

Network problem

Anyone know why on my new pc I get network problem while having good ping? This didnt happen on my old pc like a week ago and my wifi isnt bad on anything else.

How much does your rank get reset in the beginning of each episode?

How much is the soft reset on your competitive rank at the beginning of each new episode?

Can't make a ticket request to get email changed

I have tried submitting a request through riot to get my email changed on my account due to me losing access to the email. This is what happens when i submit a ticket. My ticket only appears under 'open' tickets and not 'any' tickets. also I cannot view my ticket as it leads to the error message pictured.
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Referral code link

Can someone help me? Idk how to send a referral code to my friends, I already got invited through email though

afk penalty

I was playing a game and before it was about to end i disconnected for some reason and just kept trying to load into the game and it wouldn’t let me back in and once the game ended i got a penalty, this isnt fair at all how can i remove it.

beta glitch

i got an invite for beta. i am from eu and it says beta not in your region. how do i fix this?

weird timer

i only level 34 and just recently came back to valorant and im trying to play competitive but i have this timer im not sure what i have done to recieve this.....
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my screen gets frozen while in agent select

my screen gets frozen while in agent select im losing fking 6 rr for dodging every time...

code erreur 7 console ps5

hi I encounter an error code 7 when I want to connect my riot account to my ps5 how to solve this problem ?


So I set my game text to Chinese but the agents are speaking English am I doing something wrong help


Good morning, I would like to know if you expect to return to NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW, with LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, and add VALORANT. And closed-minded developers, this is really annoying. please return to GEFORCE NOW. You know you lost more players with this VANGUARD, RIGHT?? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Vanguard issue

Alright ,So The issue is with the Vangaurd. When I launch the game it works for like a 2 minutes gap and then it crashes and says That it dosn't come with the requirements