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I downloaded Davinci Resove recently after that my fps dropped from 180 to 50, i uninstalled Davinci Resolve but still my valorant has super low fps, i tried Lowering my graphics quality but still no help, i am getting 140 fps on CS2 but Valorant is still giving me 50-80 fps, staring at the walls are giving me 100 fps
My overwolf was recording the game at 120 fps 1080p that's why i was getting low fps, its fixed now
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JJJoystick Joy2/22/2024

$3000 worth account locked

hey guys dk if anyone can help out but i bought an account and spent $3000 on it and now its locked... i cant get it to unlock as idk the first owner..
IATIts A Tay2/22/2024

Van9003 Issue Computer Wont Launch Valorant

I Pressed Windows+R Then Entered msinfo32 can anyone help?
Turn on secure boot.
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Valorant issue

When I launch the game it completely disables my keyboard but I have mouse input. This is the only game it happens on

chat, do i buy neo frontier sheriff?!?!?!?!11111

chat, do i buy neo frontier sheriff?!?!?!?!11111
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K୨୧ kim2/22/2024

riot client bug

what happen
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EU queue disabled

How long it be?

Valorant GiftCard

Can someone tell me how much VP do I get for the MYR 40 and MYR 70 giftcard? Appreciate the help
40 MYR is 1075~ VP 70 MYR is 1875~ VP...

why cant i trype the number

plz help me
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fps drop

when i play overwatch,i always get more than 160 fps,but when i play valorant,my fps drops down to 90-100.can anyone help me pls
Valorant and Overwatch are two completely different games. They both have different graphics, assets, optimization, etc. It is expected to get different frame rates in different games. To get higher frames in Valorant, try: * Lowering your graphics settings * Closing all programs except Valorant...


I'm trying to sign up for valorant PBE but it says to download the client, once I do it says go to the "sign-up" page but the sign up page just tells me to download the client? I searched it up and nothing seems to help me. Please respond.
PPPeppa Pig2/22/2024

What are the best valorant video settings?

I get like 100-130 but its very random with the settings, what are the best valorant video settings?

loading screen

Im unable to load in and when I do load in the screen is all black. Other accounts are fine, able to load in and queue. But before this problem occurred I was able to access lobby. Is there a way to fix this?

download location

i recently switched out my ssd and had to redownload riot but i accdientally installed it in my hard drive and i already have valorant in the hard drive but i want to know do i have to delete riot to install it in c drive or can i move the client and the game to c
GBGroot Beer2/22/2024

Mouse flickering

When I am on the home screen of Valorant where you can see the boat nothing is clickable and the mouse keeps flickering. All updates/drivers are updated.

Loading Screen

Why am I taking so long to load? Every other game is fine and I have ethernet. However, valorant servers are taking an average of 5-15 minutes to even get INTO the lobby of the game. Same for getting into a game. By the time I load in, we are already losing by 5! I ignored this at first, but im not sure what I should do.

whats an avg k/d ratio

im level 22 and 0.54 k/d ratio is that bad?

riot mobile not working?

Is anybody’s riot mobile app not working?