Generally OE friendly, but be careful if the company purchases a tier of checkr that inclues a check
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dependent-tan8mo ago
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harsh-harlequin4mo ago
Did a Checkr BGC today. It looked like it only checked: * SSN Trace * Sex offender * Global Watchlist * National Search Guessing the employer didn't purchase employment history check.
dependent-tan4mo ago
Nice !
harsh-harlequin4mo ago
Hell yeah dude - been lying about still being at my J0 without issue
dependent-tan2mo ago
We just signed with Checkr for background checks and I got to demo it on myself. For employment verification, I just entered the name of the former employers and it did its little searchy thing, and asked me to log into those companies’ HR portals that it found (UKG for one, Trinet for another), and it automatically populated and verified my employment history. WHAT?! How long has this been a thing?! I feel so out of the loop. This is going to save so much time. My mind is blown, y’all. Maybe I’m just easily impressed.
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ambitious-aqua2mo ago
Wow! The future has arrived!