Theo uses api.posts.getAll.useQuery() in T3 tutorial video, but T3 app only has .query() calls.

Where did Theo got .useQuery() methods? I only have .query()
Theo - t3․gg
T3 Stack Tutorial - FROM 0 TO PROD FOR $0 (Next.js, tRPC, TypeScrip...
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kaleembhatti98d ago
they are the same thing just the naming has been changed the video is like 9 months old i think because in the video theo is using the pages router and you might be using the app router
KO98d ago
Yes, I selected 'App router' when creating the T3 app!
kaleembhatti98d ago
well things are different in the app router dont worry just the naming convention has changed, functionality remains the same
mattz97d ago
If you import api from trpc/react, you will have access to useQuery because it functions as a client component, utilizing React Query. In the case of a server component, you would import api from trpc/server and use .query() as a promise.
kaleembhatti97d ago
ohhhhh damnn
Yiannis97d ago
If you are using trpc inside a server component then you cannot use hooks (like useQuerry), and instead you can use the promises which is what the server.ts file exports. That's why there are two in the app router configuratoin.
GBianchi97d ago
There are two apis in App Router. One is for server and the other is a tRPC hook that you can use in server components In this case you are importing from server. If that’s what you want, you can use it like that no problem in the server component
james16286180d ago
I understand that there are two ways to fetch via trpc (client and server), but what if I want to make a request on a button click? I can't use useQuery() because it is a hook. Does anyone know how to make the request without the hook?
GBianchi72d ago
In rsc or client component?
Mocha72d ago
It's because useQuery is a hook, and React requires all hooks to start with use. You useQuery in Client Components. This handles isLoading, error, and refetch too. or you could just await the query in Server Components, which directly returns the data useQuery - only works in Client Components - imported from ~/trpc/react - handles errors, loading status, refetching query - only works in Server Components - imported from ~/trpc/server - errors and loading are handled by Next.js (you can customize that) - refetch with revalidatePath()
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