how do I rate limit on nextjs api routes on app router?

hey, currently using Route Handlers and I'm stuck on adding a rate limiter to my routes. How can I do so?
Routing: Route Handlers | Next.js
Create custom request handlers for a given route using the Web's Request and Response APIs.
fl0w97d ago
next.js/examples/api-routes-rate-limit at canary · vercel/next.js
The React Framework. Contribute to vercel/next.js development by creating an account on GitHub.
Sr Izan97d ago
yeah I tried that but I believe both pages router and app router use different request and response apis
KO97d ago
Teo uses Upstash ratelimiter
Theo - t3․gg
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Sr Izan96d ago
ty, will take a look later!
fl0w96d ago
should still work imo
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