Perpetual Plan Question

Hi, first of all congratulations for the amazing work on Dash, it is really amazing. I have a question regarding the Perpetual License, if I purchase it I will only have updates for 12 months? I don't understand very well what will happen after those 12 months, because normally when you buy a perpetual license it means that you will always have updates. Could someone explain me what is the difference between a normal and a perpetual license? Thanks!
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Synaesthesia6mo ago
Hi @.sakur3! Perpetual in this case means that you have a perpetual license to use Dash and are entitled to 12 months of updates to the software. You can continue using Dash after the 12 month update cycle, but you won't have access to the latest updates when they drop. If you want perpetual updates, you'll need to use a monthly subscription.
Sākur36mo ago
Oh I see! Thanks for the clarification @synaesthesiaaaa 😄