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- Tech Support - Connectivity Issues - Patreon Backers - Clans - Other - Miscellaneous Tech Support If you experience technical related issues with the game (crashes/lags/stutters/EAC issues/etc), please read through our Troubleshooting Docs. If you're unable to find your issue in the page list or those instructions didn't help you, feel free to create a post, including next (as required): - player.log/player-prev.log files: - Path C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\BattleBitDevTeam\BattleBit\ - Crash dumps (BattleBit.exe.12345.dmp/BattleBitEAC.exe.12345.dmp/EasyAntiCheat.exe.12345.dmp): - Path C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps - service.log file: - Path %appdata%\EasyAntiCheat - loader.log file: - Path %appdata%\EasyAntiCheat\43ed9a4620fa486994c0b368cce73b5d\315826d981f4480aa6155e32d71b0d3b To navigate to the required folders to access needed file(s), press Win+R and paste the path. Patreon Backers - Can I still support the game via Patreon? - Our Patreon was closed on the June 10th, 5 days before release. Therefore, you cannot use it to support us any further, but you can purchase a Supporter Pack. - I pledged before June 10th 2023, but I don't have my discord role / ingame benefits. - Thank you for your support! Go to the Patreon website, Settings > More > Connected apps > Connect Discord. You should get a role in Discord in about few hours (sometimes up to 24hrs). Once you get your discord role, start the game and go to the "Connections" tab to link your Discord account (usually takes up to 1hr to synchronize). - I'm having issues with receiving my role. I linked my Discord account at Patreon website, but still nothing after 24 hours. - Please, direct message @Modmail. You'll be prompted with category selection, select "Patreon" and provide your email with evidence that you actually pledged before (screenshot of an email message from Patreon). Clans - What are the requirements to create a clan? - You should have prestige 1 (or more). - My clan submission disappeared after some time and it asks me to submit my clan again, why has this happened? - Your clan can be declined for several reasons such as: inappropriate clan name/image/tag. In order for your clan submission to be accepted, you need to change it. If you're not sure if your clan name/image/tag would be appropriate, please direct message @Modmail. - How to fix "Invalid clan photo" error? - Clan images resolution should be exactly 512x512 (not less/not more) and its size should be under 256KB. If those conditions are met but you're still seeing this error, try to optimize your photo. - My сlan submission is stuck on "review" for a long time! - Clan submissions can take up to a few days to be reviewed. If it takes longer, please direct message @Modmail, select "ingame other" category and describe your issue. - Where can I recruit other players to join my clan? - You can post your clan in #clans, but be advised that it's essential to use #EXAMPLE POST [TEMPLATE] (any different message would be deleted). Other - Does BattleBit support controllers? - Partially, you'll need to setup layout manually (steam://controllerconfig/671860/2997007880) or use this guide. - What perks do I get for boosting this server? - You'll get a role with special colour in Discord and a nitro icon next to your name in game, but be sure that your Discord account is connected in main menu under "Connection" tab (it can take up to an hour to synchronize). - Will BattleBit Remastered be affected by Unity’s new policy change? - As per our Lead Dev, we have our own license. See Message 1 from #battlebit-eng, and Message 2 from #game-bugs. You can read more about Unity’s change here on their website. Miscellaneous - Weapon Hub created by @COPE1gen (#1 Ox1gen fan). - BattleBit Weapon Attachments created by @E πŸ€ l 😎 e βœ” a 🀑 n 🐊 o πŸ”« r. Connectivity Issues If you experience any kind of connectivity issues (high ping, rubber banding, packet loss/no hit registration, etc), please clarify that it's not caused by the following things: - Instability of your connection: using Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot with low bandwidth; - Firewall rules: antivirus and/or hardware solutions (pi-hole, pfSense, IPFire, etc); - Maintenance from your ISP; - Playing with 2+ people from the same network: - If you're playing BattleBit with 2 or more people that are connected simultaneously to the same network, you might experience connectivity issue that expresses in rubber banding or stutters. This happening due to server side firewall restriction. To fix this, please use Cloudflare WARP or private VPN. If you believe that it is indeed caused by the server side issues, please visit our contact form, select "Connectivity Issues" category and describe your problem. Please Note: Filing a report will require us to ask for your IP Address in order to identify traffic to our servers to help resolve any issues. Due to Canada (game's hosting provider country of origin) sanctions, if you are in following countries - please do not make a ticket as currently we're unable to help you.
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