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Man i didnt do anything can i get unbanned pls 🙂
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crash on entry

When trying to enter the battle bit the game crashes and closes

challenges change randomly

Hello, I have a problem with the challenges. For the past 2 or 3 weeks, they've been changing regularly, either between two days or between two games. As a result, the challenges are becoming very difficult to complete in a single game. Is there an explanation for this?...
oups! 🫣

Game runs fine and then out of nowhere it'll crash.

As the title says the game runs fine. I get into a match and can run around and shoot things and then it'll crash. I then wait for a little bit and it fixes itself and I'm able to continue the game again until I crash. Might be when I aim/shoot or get shoot at but idk.

Weekly Challenges

I have a weekly bug. I make progress after it ends and enter the next map, it resets weekly


My account was banned, I played without cheats for no reason, without any programs, I would like to resolve this issue. I want to be able to upgrade my account further, since I just started pumping my account, I bought the game and was banned... I lost 96 minutes in the game. Explain why this happened??? I started getting kicked out of the game because of an anti-cheat, and then I get banned from my account after 3 crashes from the game. Can you tell me what to do? P.S not of any third -party programs, I did not use cheats !!!...
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76561199689606476 KvaKva sped hack aim hack wallhack

Keep getting kicked by EAC

I get kicked by EAC occasionally but I don't know how to launch the game with anti-cheat services. I reinstalled the whole game and it's still happening. Does anyone know how to fix this?
I had a virus called agent tesla and eac was kicking me because of that

Stutter every 5 seconds

I have problems with stuttering every 5 seconds. It occurs in the game, but also in the main menu. I already had the same problems a year ago, these were fixed with the update on 06/09/23. Unfortunately, the problem reappeared a little later after further updates. I've tried all the fixes I could find, reinstalled the game and even reinstalled my PC and Windows. I hope I can get some help here. I can upload my logs if you need them....


I let my childish teenage brother use my steam and he played BattleBit but ended up throwing slurs into the game chat like a child and when I logged in I had been banned?!?!?!?!?! I already jumped on his case but is there anyway I could get this removed?????


i say i am medic nig and they ban me wth

Microsoft visual c++ 2015 redistributable

i formated my computer and reinstaled the game, now it's asking to download microsoft visual c++ 2015 redistributable, and the option download isn't working and i'm not finding a downloadable link to this. The microsoft store say this is no longer available

FPS drops to "slideshow" after few minutes of gameplay

Most of the time I get a consistent playable FPS, but about after 10-20 mins of gameplay my framerate drops to about 5FPS for about a minute, then it goes back to normal. Have not played long enough sessions to notice if it happens multiple times per session. Platform: Linux. Specs: - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X...


Can u repair the game because every map change the weekly challanges progres reset.

keybind problems

whenever I try to change my controls I click on them but I can't change, it just write joyX positive, do you know how I could change them/ stop having this bug?
I deconnected my controller and it worked

Official progression server banning players for no reason.

Hello, a group of servers called "PBSgameteam" is banning people for literally nothing (Probably because the admins got killed by them) And then saying BS like "racial comments" and refusing to elaborate
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Game crashing when loading maps

as it says in the title, when i start to load into some maps, my game crashes half-way through. Currently crashing on Valley, and Eduardovo. I've tried validating the game files, reinstalling, and running battlebitEAC as admin, running the game on low settings, nothing has worked.


how to unlock clothes that need to be patreon becker only?
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Бан по ошибке

Я только один день поиграл и меня забанили, как обжаловать?
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