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Я хочу сбросить аккаунт\I want to reset my account

I want to reset my account, as I have been banned after two hours of playing 3 times already
:Info: I have been banned from the game! If you have been banned from the game, you can appeal by messaging @BattleBit ModMail. Please include your Steam64ID, and the reason you feel it was unjustifed. Staff will take a look, and decide on the outcome. ...

Community Servers Kick Due to Anti Cheat

When playing on non-official servers, after a while EAC kicks me and says to make sure I run the game with it installed. I have tried several things including below link, to no avail.


I was banned for some reason, he writes that it was an anti-cheat. I've never played with cheats, and there are no cheats for other games either. You can unban it and explain what the ban is for
:Info: I have been banned from the game! If you have been banned from the game, you can appeal by messaging @BattleBit ModMail. Please include your Steam64ID, and the reason you feel it was unjustifed. Staff will take a look, and decide on the outcome. ...
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easy anti cheat not installed?

i have done everything i could find to help and nothing has worked. any more advice?

my game wont run

i paid 14 dollars to not be able to play the dam game. everytime i try to play steam closes right when the game opens, and battle bit says "steam is not running, open steam and restart your game" BUT when i do that steam closes AGAIN and when i notice i quickly open it before the game launches. BUT when i get the game and steam to remain open ANOTHER problem shows up. "make sure you have installed EasyAnti cheat and run your game with it. so when i repair and install it and open my game it gives...

Make sure you have installed easy anti cheat and run the game

when I try to log into the game this red text won't let me play

ping (?) problem

During a match, there is often a bad connection icon (on the left), often does not register hits on the enemy, there are times when the game "freezes" (it's not about fps). In addition to shots does not register and healing - I stand over a dead ally, press the 3 button, and the ally as lying dead - and is still lying (the same problem with self-healing). In general, huge problems with ping, and it's not about my internet connection, I calmly played 50+ hours without these problems, and in other games everything is normal. Also when I shoot an enemy exactly in the torso, the game counts it as a hit to the head because of the ping....
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playing uses too much limited bandwidth?

I play around +- 50 minutes and already used 250mb worth of bandwidth. Started happening around dec 2023. At first year everything is fine. Is it because server side or because my side of internet connection? I get limited bandwidth around 3 Gb for a week ant this is really limiting my playtime. Other game fine not taking up that much, around 50mb per hour or so
Каскад и Резонанс2/19/2024

ping problem

On official servers there is a huge ping (stays around 235-250) regardless of the region, be it America or Europe (In other games and tests, everything is fine). Community servers sometimes have this problem, but not always. Rebooting the game, steam, modem does not work. How to fix it?...
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Twitch Drop Skins

i had gotten the first twitch skins released, ( purple camouflage ) and then i stopped playing for awhile and once i started playing again today i realized all of my twitch skins are gone, anyone know how to fix this or how i can get them back ?
did you link your twitch account in main menu? connections tab

Toggleable Voice chat?

Is there a way to have this toggleable? its hard holding V whole suicide bombing and yelling suicide bomber things


I haven't played BattleBit for approximately three months, so today I decided to open my game and I received a notification saying that my account it was banned. I belive it was an error. The ban was for 5 years...
How do I appeal an in-game ban?
If you were banned by Easy Anti-Cheat, use this appeal form If you are banned for something else, you can appeal it by contacting @Modmail l and selecting “Trust & Safety”. The bot will follow up with what information you have to provide....
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what directory to run eac fix batch

do you run it in the root directory or the EAC directory or anywhere? thanks
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"Loading DLLs" is not letting me join any servers

Basically what it says in the title. It's loading for a long time, I've tried repairing the game and such, but i haven't been able to join any server. I'm not sure if it's the ISP, because i don't have any issues regarding that on any other games / apps. I have to mention I am running ISLC for other games...
try warp
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Why i get ban if i play 2 hours?

I want to find out the reason for the blockage

after the new skin update i am missing some of my twitch drop skins

not all of them, i still have my favorite skins like my as val from the event with the american flag m4a1 skin, however im missing my aug twitch skin? the basic blocky one and i think im missing a few other random blocky twitch skins for some reason, i remember having all of them before the update even having copys of a few so i dont know how im missing some now? unless the aug skin was added later but im pretty sure i used to have it.
relink twitch

IS FPS Monitor flagged by anticheat?

i keep getting the kicked by anticheat error and have fpsmon running? Or is OBS flagged?
PRprofessional retard2/14/2024

can this game run smoothly on an 4gb i3?

can it though?

Not able to join server

i am not abe to join sfw servers, the sfw servers are showing 0 players but 250+ queue and also when i try to join any of the servers , it either shows connection lost or server full. Earlier i was able to connect but since last 2 days i have been facing this issue.
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Game makes my devices not work

My mic, headphones, and keyboard stopped working when I loaded into the game. Not sure why the game is doing this to me. I can't play this game because it makes my devices stop working.