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Is there any reason why jellyfish_videoroom when is running localy share screen is not working ? I start a call, then connect another user in other tab, and press screen share and I can see in my tab, but another tab only 2 videos, without screen share
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AlexVern5mo ago
and if I left a room and then rejoin, I can see another user screen share
mickel85mo ago
Hi @AlexVern , that's not expected. I assume that you have already tested our deployed version under ?
AlexVern5mo ago
yes, this deployed version is working perfectly) and another thing, if screen share started via rejoining the room, and when another user stop it, i still have frozen screen share video but in docker console I can see that new video tracks were aded ) and just a normal video works normally, it can be switched off and on and it visible from both sides )
Sloy4mo ago
Does this demo open source ? I can not find the source
Radosław4mo ago
GitHub - jellyfish-dev/jellyfish_videoroom
Contribute to jellyfish-dev/jellyfish_videoroom development by creating an account on GitHub.