Having a Crash when Saving a World

Hi, I just joined this server to ask for help about a thing that's happening right now to me in my minecraft modpack. You see, i have Distant Horizons installed with ReTerraforged plus some mods, and when trying to save a world i'm currently playing with, the game suddenly crashes. I asked for help in some server and they asked me that it might be due to a conflict in the Distant Horizons mod. So i went here to know if someone knows the solution to my issue. Here is the log: https://mclo.gs/n52g0p7 Hope someone comes here to help. Will wait for your answer. Thanks.
Forge 1.20.1 Client Log [#n52g0p7]
2219 lines | 48 errors
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Certified P. Drizzy
probably some forge part conflicted with DH, from what i saw in log try nighly build in #links perhaps
VentusZecter6mo ago
Hmm But it will corrupt my ongoing world playing?
Certified P. Drizzy
should not but backup is good anyway