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idk how to install mods and distant horizons

if u have time, will share my screen so you can help me

Strange light blue blocks / slab ish blocks in LOD

When the chunks are in LOD, snow (or something) is colored in light blue color. Also I've found that there're slab like things. Was this intented to be so?:cou:...
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minecraft crashing when i open a world

Is this a mod incompatibility?
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DH for mc 1.21?

The link for dh 1.21 wont work for me, it gives me a 404 error. I have seen other people with the 1.21 jar but i have no idea where they are downloading it from.

Clipping when zoomed in on render distances above 14

Whenever my FOV increases above a certain point, either via a zoom mod or the spyglasses, the LOD starts to clip in a circle around me I am using the latest nightly build for 1.20.1: https://gitlab.com/jeseibel/distant-horizons/-/jobs/7108548610, but this also happened with older versions I am playing on forge 47.2.21 ...
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All these error messages

Basically every time I walk into a new chunk or any new LOD loads even in the slightest these messages keep spamming me. I don't know what they mean either. Running 1.20.6 on Mac M1 Pro. DH 2.1
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Mod Incompatibility with XaeroPlus

As stated in the title, there is a mod incompatibility between DH 2.1 and XaeroPlus 1.20.1. When these two mods are enabled it crashes a crash sometime during launch with the attached error message. Launching w/o XaeroPlus makes the game launch successfully (though the modpack completely breaks without XaeroPlus) I am running Prominence 2 Classic with FirstPerson, Camera Overhaul, Sound Physics Remastered, and Framed Blocks added on top. ...

old lod ghosting in rendered chunk

old lods with old chunk data are being loaded even though im actively in the chunk the loading it with the new chunk data, how can i fix the lods not updating to the new chunk data or at least not displaying it while im in the chunk
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batching world generator error

im trying to set up distan horizons using shaders, but before i loaded the shader, when loading the world to test if DH worked, the message "batching world generator error" kept popping up, and i dont fully understand what it means. i got a log of my recent attempt for it to work, and the mods i have installed are DH, Fabric API, Indium, Iris, Noisium, Sodium, and Concurrent Chunk Managment Engine. the shaders i attempted to use, although with or without shaders led to the same error, was bliss shaders, and this was all attempted on a singleplayer world https://paste.ee/p/3Pmrj this is the log i got out of this attempt...

What is the optimal amount of RAM I should have allocated to MC?

I'm using shaders, the physics mod, and DH ofc. I know that allocating too much ram messes with Minecraft and causes it to chug, so I'm not sure how much ram I should allocate to it.

Visual errors

I think it's pretty obvious in the image, but just in case, the things that I see is: It's clear when the LOD starts taking place, and the black spots
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how to change the DH render distance

ik it sounds stupid but how do i up the render distance lmao

noise/buzzing in LODs with shaders

does anyone know what's causing this noise/buzzing in the LODs? it only happens with complementary shaders when distance blur is on. i asked in their discord too, but just wondering if it's maybe a DH setting

Dynamic Trees LODs are not detailed

Problem Can't make the trees render with a good level of detail. They seem to be pretty low quality and this seems to be from the render distance setting. I did not have this issue using Panda's Falling Trees/vanilla trees. ...
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How to change the 25049 Port ?

Hey, i'm a beginner with distant horizons, and i would like to use it on my server. 1-How can i change the port to let the server and the client exchanged ? (i didn't find the option in the settings of the mod in MC, and the command: /dhconfig serverport isn't working) 2- Am i supposed to open the port on my router or on my server properties ?...

LOD's only rendering 1 chunk ahead

Today I started a multiplayer server with one of my friends and we were planing to use Distant Horizons with Terralith and Tectonic. I got the server up and pre loaded a really big area of I think a total of 3000-6000 chunks (cant remember exactly). At the time I was using Sodium, Iris, Indium, The mod to see your body in first person, not enough animations, eating animations, and presence footsteps. Even after turning off shaders (Bliss) and the mods I realized that no matter what render distan...

Fake overview water LODs rendering in current chunks

Whenever I'm underwater it looks like the LODs for my current chunk are rendered over the fog, when that probably shouldn't be happening. I wasn't able to find anything like this searching "water" on the issues page or in this Discord. Is this a known issue, or some setting I'm missing?...
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Very very low fps on a medium-high end pc

Whenever I use dh (1.21) my fps drops from 200 to 20. I have a large mod list, but I tried with only indium sodium and iris and got the same result. PC: Ryzen 7 3700x, Rtx 3070, 16gbs (6 alloc). When I removed my mods dh started running better at 60fps once loaded, but I still feel like it's really underperforming. Pictures are without dh compared to with dh, and then dh will lowest settings once somewhat loaded and no other mods.
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Lag spikes when breaking blocks

https://streamable.com/rpqyic im playing singleplayer in the Sculk Horde modpack and i added DH to it and this started happening removing it fixed the problem. happens with and without shaders...