Summarizing background checks (generic)

when you do a background check, they have to verify your 1) education 2) criminal/county stuff 3) most of the time, (depending on industry), employment (whether or not you're telling the truth on your resume). For all of the companies you've listed that you aren't there anymore, for ex, j0, j(n-1), j(n-2), they will either, in order: Call them to verify dates and title If they give you an option (they usually don't), you can specify do not contact, and provide pay stubs or offer letter (to prove title). However this doesn't happen too often. For your current company. They will not call your current company on a pre-hire background check. That could jeopardize your job. And we've had precedence already (see: coinbase rescinding offers in the past), where them doing this can jeopardize your current job status. Therefore, what most companies do to prove your current job is to utilize pay stubs or w2 or offer letter. 99% of the time, you are expected to click "Do not contact" for your current company. On the rare occasion you run into a background check tier (yes, different bg check services have different tiers) that is more.. expensive, there's a chance they would ask you, "Would you like us to contact your current company now, or 30 days after onboarding?" . Some of the more expensive tiers of AccurateNow background check does this.
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