Worker logs missing headers + user-agent DataDog

Context: I want to send worker logs into DataDog that include a user agent and request headers. I'm sending logs with a logpush job to DataDog using the following endpoint: I see that the request headers that we need are present in the worker's dashboard's Real-Time Logs, particularly user-agent, but they're not there in DataDog. I have a logpush job which includes Event field, so I would expect to see the whole object in the source destination (Datadog). In Datadog I only see these fields inside the Event object: RayID, Request [Method, URL], Response [Status], EventTimestampMs, and EventType. I have no jobs that change the fields on Datadog's side. What exactly am I missing? Does anyone have a clue?
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Chaika5mo ago
The event in logpush != the one in workers logs, as you have already seen. You'd have to log the headers or any info out into the logs field
Alek5mo ago
Got it @Chaika, thanks for your reply! Posting solution as screenshot in case someone else stumbles upon the same issue:
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