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KV Store max value exceeded for put

I have a durable object worker which uses the KV storage for my application. I noticed the value limit on the put. I was wondering if there are conventions around how I can avoid this limit on a put. Currently, I'm looking to do a try-catch and inspect the error message which I've observed to be something like this:
"[RangeError] Values cannot be larger than 131072 bytes. A value of size 262150 was provided."
"[RangeError] Values cannot be larger than 131072 bytes. A value of size 262150 was provided."

Pricing running a graphql server on Workers vs Node.js

I am curious what's the cost difference is running a graphql server on workers Vs hosting yourself - eg via Node.js on something like CloudRun or AWS. Any ideas how I could get some rough estimates on this?...

How to call a Worker from another Worker (403)

Inside of a Worker - how do you call another Worker without Cloudflare challenging the request? E.g. ```js...

Error when using S3 SDK: ReferenceError: FileReader is not defined

As per the title. I am getting a reference error when performing a DeleteCommand using the s3 client. The actual request is fine, but the client response has a body of type Blob; size 0. I think the client then throws an error as it tries to parse the blob with the FileReader api which doesn't exist in workerd? Has anyone else encountered a similar issue to this? I can work around it by just catching the error but that feels pretty weird....

Cloudflare Workers to index Google Drive. slow speed problem

I have used Cloudflare Workers to index Google Drive. For the past few days, the pages have not been loading and the download speed is very slow. Could anyone please tell me if there are any limitations on Cloudflare these days?”

random 403 errors on workers outgoing fetch requests

We've been investigating a big issue on our platform for a few weeks. We're integrating with multiple accounting systems and sending a lot of data out to them. With our most popular integration quickbooks, we've been starting to receive a lot of 403 responses, seemingly randomly, since start of may. Randomly means, we perform the request multiple times, 4x it fails with 403, then it just works with 200. We've escalated the issue up to their internal tech team, but they assure us that our requests are not hitting their API. They've checked logs on multiple parts of their infrastructure....
No description

CORS error

Im getting the following: Access to fetch at '' from origin 'http://localhost:3000' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: Redirect is not allowed for a preflight request. http://localhost:3000 is frontend im running where im making post fetch request. when i call via curl it works but not in frontend browser on localhost. How would i fix to try it on react localhost frontend...

Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'sessionOptions' does not exist in type 'AiOpt

For the following code, ```ts import { Hono } from 'hono' import { Ai } from '@cloudflare/ai' import { Bindings } from 'hono/types';...
No description

Python and Langchain

Hi, I am trying to execute the demo Github python and Langchain repo But I am having this problem when executing command: npx wrangler@latest dev. ✘ [ERROR] Error in makeHandler...

Cannot enable Worker Analytics Engine (Code:1000, Internal Server Error)

When I try to enable the Worker Analytics Engine, it returns an Internal Server Error (Code:1000). How can I enable it? The response returned from the /api/v4/accounts/${ACCOUNT_ID}/subscriptions endpoint is...
No description

Specify host header in fetch request

I'm trying to health-check load balanced hosts, for which I need to fetch using IP address + Host header. In curl it's super simple, like this: ``` curl -H "Host:" -I

Return ok status immediately on async process or not?

My use case: - A webhook intercepts request from telegram bot - Request message is sent to openai and response awaited - Response is sent to Telegram bot with Telegram API...

Cannot create binding for class WebSocketServer because it is not currently configured to implement

Hello, I'm trying to setup the durable object in dev branch and I got this error. Is anyone know how to resolve this error? Thanks! [[]] tag = "v1" new_classes = ["WebSocketServer"]...

websocket forward proxy server

i am trying to set up a custom WebSocket server. This server will act as an intermediary, forwarding all messages it receives to another WebSocket server ```js async function websocket(url, final) { let resp = await fetch(url, {...

Producer not writing to queue

I have a worker producing messages to a queue. The queue is connected to a consumer. When I go into the CF dashboard and check the queue, it confirms that it is connected to both producer and consumer. I've double checked spelling, its fine. The producer is running as expected. The queue is showing as active. But no messages are reaching the queue. This was working up until yesterday morning. I have not changed the compatibility date which is for May 2024. What could be the culprit?

stop double execution of code when the time limit exceedes

```javascript var worker_default = { async fetch(request, env, ctx) { let counter = 0 while(true){...

Worker doesn't show any logs/Cron job fails when code is good

As strange as the title is, that's exactly what my issue is. My code is a simple discord tool and it's been running fine but suddenly decides to not do anything. I noticed it with when i was trying to implement a new feature and the code was broken and I saw the Exception logs - as expected, but when I fixed it, there would no longer be any logs, Real Time Logs page would just keep spinning on "Websocket connection established. Listening for events..." and that's it. Cron events page would show show the cron job erroring out but no logging is available.
wrangler tail
wrangler tail
doesn't return anything either. If I intentionally break the code again, I get the logs and everything, what's up with this exactly? At the moment, I've minimised the code to simply: ``` addEventListener("scheduled", (event) => {...

Default cache with worker binded

Hi, I am trying to use worker to transform an image into base64 string, and I use R2 to store those images, the structure is as follow: * worker router binding to a domain on CF ( * bind to R2 as public access The problem is that after binding the worker to the DNS, the default Cloudflare cache settings, such as CF-Cache-Status, are no longer applied. ...

script cors bypass geo lock

hello how to make cross x forwarded for ip in workers

Failing to use wrangler secret list

pnpm wrangler secret list
✘ [ERROR] A request to the Cloudflare API (/accounts/ed77d12fd9fc5faef08d17e41fdb2dc5/workers/scripts/project-name/secrets) failed.
workers.api.error.script_not_found [code: 10007]
pnpm wrangler secret list
✘ [ERROR] A request to the Cloudflare API (/accounts/ed77d12fd9fc5faef08d17e41fdb2dc5/workers/scripts/project-name/secrets) failed.
workers.api.error.script_not_found [code: 10007]