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Hello! I've been fighting different settings for a working redirect for a few days now and cannot seem to get it. In short, we migrated a blog (wordpress/subdomain) to Shopify blogs ( When I pointed to Shopify, it redirects to the primary domain, as intended. However, in Cloudflare, I want to redirect to a subpage in Shopify (/pages/blog-home) this is not possible within Shopify's built-in redirect function. Can someone please help me with what I'm missing in Cloudflare? Notes: - I cannot disconnect blog from the Shopify connection as Shopify holds all the redirects for all 800+ URLs (working) - URL-encoded Requests to this zone are normalized at the edge and to origin. - I also tried this as a page rule, no luck. Thanks so much!
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Well, after like 8hrs of doing this - we concluded with: - Disconnecting the blog subdomain from Shopify (to stop their redirection to primary domain) - Because Cloudflare requires Cloudflare Proxy to enforce redirect rules, we had to stop using a CNAME for the blog subdomain and switch to an A record pointing to a Cloudflare IP - - Then creating 2x page rules to manage the subpage for the landing page redirection as well as the query string for individual posts - We had to preserve the original query string ($1) in order for Shopify to pickup the redirects they are hosting This was a challenging one for sure lol All because Shopify doesn't allow for more control over DNS 🙃
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nir44mo ago
looks like you solved it, but could it be that some of the rules are comparing https://..... to a host value, when hosts don't have protocols? regardless, that wouldn't explain the first (proper) rule working