My redis service is 098aa7a0-0133-4b8c-97a8-bf792e166423 My laravel service is 388e216e-5872-4cc4-8b35-bc4a7b142535 My project which contain the above services is 746430f1-8032-4c32-aa7c-f26feaff09b3 It is a simple laravel project that uses redis cache and local file storage, no db. I get the error LogicException: Please make sure the PHP Redis extension is installed and enabled. Is somewhere a tutorial or instructions on how to connect in railway a Laravel-Redis application? My git repo I use:
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Percy4mo ago
Project ID: 098aa7a0-0133-4b8c-97a8-bf792e166423,388e216e-5872-4cc4-8b35-bc4a7b142535,746430f1-8032-4c32-aa7c-f26feaff09b3