basebox in cli

My team wants to try this tool it generates a secure backend with a postgres as the db via a graphql file which you compile with the bbc(basebox-compiler). I found the docker images but cant figure out how to run them docker pull docker pull docker pull Here is how you use it apparently bbc, the basebox compiler Usage: bbc [OPTIONS] <FILENAME> Arguments: <FILENAME> Path and filename of GraphQL schema to compile Options: -q, --quiet quiet operation -o, --output-directory <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY> Output directory for generated files; default is current -p, --prefix <PREFIX> Prefix for file name generation; defaults to the base name of the input file -f, --force-overwrite Overwrite existing output files? -h, --help Print help (see more with '--help') -V, --version Print version I tried this using the docker image but it does not recognize the directory docker run --prefix=testproject -o bbconf schema.graphql Error Message: Failed to read GraphQL schema file 'questionnaire.graphql': No such file or directory (os error 2) Any helpful advice would be much appreciated
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