Weird 1Password & Flatpak Browser Interaction

Bazzite 39, fresh KDE install, no gamemode. I'm new to Universal Blue and have been having a good time learning more about it without any major issues. I actually first installed & got setup with bazzite Gnome, but decided to re-install with KDE to test out Plasma 6 soon. Since installing 1Password with rpm-ostree on KDE, it hasn't been able to integrate/connect with Chrome. I realized the installed Chrome was the Flatpak. It's not uncommon for Flatpak browser's to have issues with 1Password (or regular browsers with the 1Password flatpak), but I realized it connected just fine on my original (Gnome) install. If anyone knows for sure, is it fair to assume that the bazzite portal / installer for Gnome would have installed the flatpak Chrome as well? Or further, if anyone else uses 1Password and is on Gnome, could you confirm if it worked for you too?
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