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[SOLVED]Source games not loading community content on custom servers: Audio

Hello, this is not a help request, but I felt like sharing this with everyone who likes to play older source games with modded Comunity servers. Most of the content loads fine, except for audio. That is because SELinux is blocking the MP3 Encoder from the source engine!
So what you will need to do is just allow source games to use the MP3 Encoder. Like this: ``` ausearch -c 'hl2_linux' --raw | audit2allow -M my-hl2linux semodule -i my-hl2linux.pp...

first install error trying to update

I have installed the desktop edition for a laptop asus with nvidia, then installed the game state and then changed the gpu to the intel iris one (i9 11900k) I can login to the steam big picture Wayland, but when I select my internet connection it says “failed to update”...

How to set up Wireplumber to default to 5.1 Surround Sound?

Been struggling with this for about half a day. Trying to get 5.1 Surround Sound to survive a reboot. So I don't need to swtich to desktop on every boot to go from stereo to 5.1 https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/WirePlumber This should be what I need but would need to migrate the format as it mentions and struggling with that. https://blog.zenlinux.com/2022/08/how-to-configure-audio-device-priorities-in-pipewire-wireplumber/...

trying to go into bazzite flash drive

I'm trying to install bazzite to a drive but when spooling up I get this message. I used fedora media writer and it was successful in the check. It's the bazzite desktop kde Nvidia edition....
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can't install vscode

So basically i don't want vscode as a flatpak... but couldn't install it regularly trough the terminal just like when i used regular fedora... Tried yum instead of dnf (im a bit new to linux as a whole)...
use boxbuddy and make a distrobox container and install it through there then you can export vscode and use it as normal, however we recommend the flatpak as you can set up dev environments inside a distrobox and will then work almost identical to natively installed vscode https://github.com/89luca89/distrobox/blob/main/docs/posts/integrate_vscode_distrobox.md#from-flatpak...

Some games lose control input after resuming from sleep / Gpd Win 4 8840

Im having this issue where at least a couple of games are losing control input after resuming from sleep. The win 4 keyboard works but i cannot make the controls work on the game but they do work on the steam interface so im able to call the steam menu and what not but not on the games themselves Up until now the 2 games that dont work after resuming for me are: - Guardians of the Galaxy - Prison City...

Default audio isn't persisting after logout.

I tried with ui and wpctl set-default . None works. I'm still trying to figure out where the config file is.

SteamVR: No libdrm.so

I finally filed a bug report with Valve over SteamVR failing to launch. They quickly pointed out that the logs indicate libdrm.so is missing. Searching this Discord for that term specifically turns up nothing, and searching the web merely turns up almost nothing, but none of it helpful to solve this issue. So what is libdrm.so, why is it not present, and what can I do about it? I have found some very similarly-named files suc...

TV starts flashing after awaking PC from sleep mode

I’m using the bazzite-gnome-deck (stable @ latest) image on my desktop (13600k / 7900 XTX). It’s been since fedora 40 I think that whenever I awake the Pc after it went to sleep the screen start to flash and the only way to make it stop is to turn it off or force reboot it (from the physical key, it’s unusable after it awakes)....

Pc not cleanly shutting down

Im havung issue lately where my pc will not shut down fully after hitting shutdown I reckon theres some sort of background process thats not being killed. Is there some form of a fix i can do or even monitor processes during a shutdown to find the culprit?...
nope you cant, you can do sudo shutdown -P now though since its a kde x11 specific issue it might not get fixed (since x11 goes byebye entierly in fedora 41).

KDE desktop completeley unusable even after restart

I believe this issue may belong to the kde environment rather than bazzite. However, Have been distro hopping for last few days but haven't run into this issue before. It is breaking my os completely as in I am unable to open any application or settings after multiple restarts. What caused the issue: I installed panel widget for network monitor from system monitor by selecting add chart as desktop widget > went into system monitor Sensor settings> changed display style form applications table to bar chart or any of the other available options and as soon as I did that I am unable to use or open anything. I restarted the system and as soon as I select anything on any of desktop panels things are frozen. Can also se error message popup sometimes saying plasma not responding....

system update failing

im a linux noob so i have no idea why this is happening and could really use some help :( im just trying to update my bazzite installation but it keeps failing for some reason. it always pulls the error "packages not found: openssl1.1" which may or may not be related....

OS Install issues (Flatpak hangs then errors out)

I have two desktop PCs, one for Bazzite that works flawless. I was able to install and game with no issues. Specs for the one that works CPU: 5900X...

Handheld Daemon not showing TDP advanced system options tab

Im using bazzite on a 8840 gpd win 4. Whenever i call HHD i only see the controller and settings tab but i dont see the TDP options. IS there something i missed from the installation?
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Games slowing down and speeding up

I am using a Nvidia 4080 and running Bazzite in Dx11 mode as recommended. Gaming has been effortless until today, and I am not sure what has changed. Games will be running perfect for about 5 -10 seconds at a time, then its like then enter "molasses" mode, then swap back to being fine. They just slow down and micro-lag randomly. Its almost like the game has to catch up very briefly to what is happening then it slows down again. Has anyone experienced this before? Any recommendations? I have tested this in War Thunder, BF4 and some others and experienced the same thing. These were running perfect yesterday. I have not changed any settings as I am a Linux noob....

Steam OS Upgrade Problem

The system update stays at this level every time and the update does not continue, what is the problem? And how can i solve this?
Because of that, we make a guess that it will take about 20 minutes and count up from zero to 99, with that only reaching 100 when it actually completes
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How can I enable AR glasses for gamemode when plugged in?

I have an AMD system configured with the steam deck image of Bazzite and it’s awesome. I have it as my living room PC and want to be able to use my AR glasses when my kids are on the TV. How can I configure gamemode to use the AR glasses as the primary monitor when they are plugged in? I made them the primary monitor in desktop mode and it still defaults to the TV. I have an LG C1 plugged in with HDMI and RayNeo Air 2 glasses plugged in with USBC....

shutdown not work

The shutdown button doesn't work for me, I press the shutdown button and all it does is close taskbar and make background black
Looks like it's an upstream issue, this is from 4 days ago and it appears that it's specific to x11 https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/1da3si7/fedora_kde_not_shutdown/

sunshine and moonlight

This is probally the wrong place, but i will try anyway. I really like bazzite and use it on my legion go and my desktop gamer. I have been using gamestream and moonlight before. Now I have an amd card and sunshine is the way to go for gamestreaming My issue is the controller. I use steam deck image of bazzite on both legion go and desktop...

Unable to install via bootable USB

Hi, I am new to Linux and testing it out on my old laptop before doing it on my desktop - I am using a HP ProBook Laptop and the bazzite-stable.iso I am not sure if I am flashing the USB correctly as the initial setup guide simply says "Flash Bazzite to your bootable medium." When I flash the drive using Rufus and try to boot via it on the laptop (via "Boot from EFI File" option) - there is no option showing up...
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