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Homebrew distrobox thread

Homebrew distrobox thread

Discourse thread

Discourse thread

Good to know 👍

Good to know 👍

Vivaldi official flatpak networking

If you know more about it than I do, which is a very low bar, I would appreciate if you can post about that on the forum thread. It looked like the Vivaldi team just isn't very familiar with Flatpak or how to judge whether Zypak can be trusted to be secure and keep working. I posted this in the Fedora server, feel free to pass it on if you know anyone: " I found this today, about why Vivaldi does not have an official Flatpak yet: https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/669805...

Official Fedora image build times:

Official Fedora image build times: Silverblue - 8:29 AM UTC (latest) Kinoite - 7:58 AM UTC (latest) Sericea - 8:29 AM UTC (latest)...

lets thread 1password chat 😉

lets thread 1password chat 😉

The only thing that bothers me is a user

The only thing that bothers me is a user installing this, getting this message, and the driver having loaded and working just fine, but there isn't really anything I can do for that ha

so i m wondering what it looks like to

so, i'm wondering what it looks like to modernize ublue-nvidia ...?
L1/4 Life10/5/2023

`distrobox create name example nvidia

distrobox create --name example-nvidia-toolkit --additional-flags "--runtime=nvidia -e NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=all -e NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES=all" --image nvidia/cuda


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oh boy i just hit a new fun issue maybe

oh boy, i just hit a new fun issue... maybe @akdev has seen? Here's my setup: On host F38:...
L1/4 Life10/1/2023

`systemctl status user ublue user

systemctl status --user ublue-user-flatpak-manager.service

Depreciated Image build migration

If you depreciate some image build, is it possible to automatically migrate the user to the new image build? f.e. from ublue-no1 to ublue-no2 Or you have to inform the user to manually rebase? In that case, I thought of setting a huge-ass wallpaper that says "This build of "ublue-no1" is depreciated, please rebase to "ublue-no2": rebase command"...

Yeah luckily we can clean the clutter

Yeah... luckily we can clean the clutter later

bsherman looks like some issue with

@bsherman looks like some issue with glibc

mkiso thread

mkiso thread

adding another line

adding another line.. ``` + [[ 38 -ge 39 ]] + [[ asus == \a\s\u\s ]]...

bsherman is there a differnce between

@bsherman is there a differnce between kmod for v4l2loopback and our kmods? mainly asking would using kmods directly from rpmfusion circumvent these issues you are trying to solve