Sometimes doesn't load chunks

For some reason, this doesn't work. I took this screenshot in multiplayer. However, I've also tried in singleplayer. I have even tried several modpacks and it still hasn't worked. Here's my log: I am using a laptop RTX 4090 btw if that helps.
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Groblockia_3mo ago
lod chunks rely on cpu to load in not gpu, so if you have a not great cpu that may be why. it happens to me too with an i7-6700
PestoPanini3mo ago
that could be it. My laptop has 14 cores but it's clocked at 2.60 GHz. I'll see how it is on my main pc since it's an overclocked i7-8770k
Certified P. Drizzy
for singleplayer: crank up CPU load settings and check cpu usage if its going bonker or not (indicating DH's generating LoDs) for multiplayer: crank up CPU load settings, and stay in the area a bit longer, DH has to cache the area first before converting it to LoDs otherwise, i suggest trying nightly build in #links