gifting other players

Hi team! is there a way to gift more then 1 keycap to someone? I have a friend and i want to send loads of keycaps over? Send help!!
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L A B E3mo ago
The options could be: 1. You keep sending them keycaps until you don't want to anymore (takes a ton of time because of cd) 2. You buy them keycaps (you get a special role in the server, for supporting) 3. Your friend joins the server and levels up, which makes them get tons of keycaps when levelling up :) Good luck!
ChrisTrollero3mo ago
I think they don't allow "giving away" keycaps to prevent people from reselling them, for example, a person with 20,000 kc could sell 10,000 for 10 dollars and could create a keycap black market Sorry for bad english ):
halu3mo ago
@robo lets sell accounts on the black market at discounted rates