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I cant link my account

I cant link my account plz help me peoplleeeeee

mechakey, how to hear in vc

hi, how can i make that other people in vc can hear my mechakeys sounds?

Buy Keycaps

hey i have a problem with mechakeys. i can't buy with my visa card because Visa dosen't suport. so i can't buy it


I have been stuck on 7% for the past 3 days i have been trying to play everything how do i fix it


How do i do quests for keystrokes???

I forgot my Username and Password,

I have my email but idk which email


how do you unlock my acc on mechakeys? i made a new account

when ?

how soon will mechakeys v3 be released?

how to fix key sound switches from side to side on headset

keyboard sound keeps going from the left to right idk if its supposed to be like this or not but sounds mad weird to me

Username change

Is it possible to add a username change feature where you can change your account username. My old name was UrbanDubov but I want it changed to FuZiveer. Possible to add? I'm a coder myself, I'm sure it's super easy and simple to add.

I try to use it on Fortnite but I don't hear the sound anything I can do to fix this?

I try to use it on Fortnite but I don't hear the sound anything I can do to fix this?

Not Working

When I turn it on it shows me this
No description

Can i refund?

I have accidentally pressed the "Buy" Button instead of the try. And it costed me 750 keycaps.

Forgot my account name, can a mod check (I linked it to the discord)

Any help would be appriciated. I deleted mecha keys and forgot the account name and recently redownloaded it

Something doesn't add up...

I swear there used to be a support ticket channel, wonder where that's gone. Anyways, for some reason it says I have 30mil keystrokes even though I have 32mil on all-time (lol)

Failed to uninstall old application files. Please try running the installer again.: 2

I tried reinstalling from latest available release on the page, but it didn't work. App opens normally, says that there's available update, tries to install the update and crashes giving me this error.
No description