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Community questions

οΏ½FπŸ§› forrest6/3/2023

Community store release date?

I would like to know when the community store update release date is. If you guys even have a deadline.

new sound effect idea

cherry speed silver i want this sound to be added i feel like it would be a very nice switch to have and the price of this switch would be around 250 - 400
they are my dream switch

Problem with linking Discord account into Mechakeys

So I just joined this server and linked my account yet I suppose to have the 100 keycaps for linking my account. Idk why but it doesn't show up the claim button. Any fixes for it?

can't hear the sound in my clips

I don't know if i should be hearing this sound in me clips but if im supposed to i don't know what is wrong @everyone
Can i get help
UDUrban Dubov6/1/2023

Please choose the game for which you would like to have Mechakeys disabled.

It would be very nice if Mechakeys automatically muted itself whenever you select a game like Modern warfare 2. Having no Mechakey sounds would be very helpful in listening for footsteps. Again you could always manually mute it but if it had a game system it would be cool.
H?Hate ?6/1/2023


i cant hear any clicks cuz i accidantly deleted the soundpacks

Typing test sometimes does not detect keypresses?

Usually happens with the dot at the end, and also with shift to type uppercase letters. Not really sure how I can record it and show the issue, but I tried my best. You can see on the second typing test that I pressed the dot key, but I had to press it twice for some reason, maybe this is intentional? As I said this also sometimes happens at the beginning of the test when I'm pressing shift to make the letters uppercase.

Certain language keyboard layouts result in double sounds

Not sure if this can even be feasibly fixed, but certain keyboard layouts, in my case Polish, press multiple keys at once sometimes.

When I press Right Alt, the keyboard layout also automatically presses left control, as seen in the video. This results in mechakeys detecting two inputs and two sounds played, which sounds weird.

As I said, not sure if this can be fixed or if it's even worth it, just wanted to let you guys know that this happens sometimes


Hello MK team. I have 4 discord promotion links that each give one month of free nitro classic. I would like to use these for a giveaway. I cannot use these codes bc i have had nitro on my acc b4. Requirements are: has to never have had nitro on the account and must have a creditcard/other form of payment.

New mouse sounds

It would be really nice to have some new mouse sounds for example one that would fit more quiet sounds like cream or holy panda or omnipoint a.

Can I refund sounds?

I want to refund some sounds that i don't like that much to get back my keycaps and be able to buy other sounds.


I want unlink my acc!

doesnt have sounds (mac intel)

Mac intel os 13 Sounds dont work at all
�LϺ🌌 Le ϻ.5/28/2023

my name its "invalide"

my name its "invalide"