yesterday daily report gone.

before you give scripted answer like contact in game support, i've already did and they just ignore it, not even asnwered, used even mail: but still nothing replied... i've reported dude yesterday 1/1 for daily investigator system, it was failed and i've got video where you could see he is legit cheting, but today i've come to check and video is gone... is this new sort of avoiding bans thru broken system bugs? or system is glitched again... anyway please help. and also when question is not answered/resolved please, just please be humans and not block replies on thread...people come here to seek help, not be ignored and rejected from staff members Thank you! :catok:
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Zuelle41d ago
Hi, @M A T I K🍀. Please refer to this image. :uwuCat:
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M A T I K🍀40d ago
it is under 24 day, and if vido was generated and after it i've requested help of investigation team, it should be there as it is way older one at bottom 2024-03-03 11:06:43 (old one in history) due small amout of plays, and video i've requested was at 2024-03-05(newer one) video was generated and i've requested help of investigation team on with x-ray suspecion, but video just puf...