Prevent parallel route from being triggered if hard-navigated TL;DR: Try hard-navigating to either "/auth/login" or "/auth/register" and then click on one of the 4 links on the page. It triggers the parallel route. I don't want that. Does anyone know how I can prevent the modal (a.k.a. the parallel route) from being triggered whenever I hard-navigate to either "/auth/login" or "/auth/register" and then click on either the 2 links in the header or the 2 links that are part of the auth layout (those are tabs that lets you quickly tab between the login-form and the register-form)? From my understanding, this behavior is 100% expected, but I feel like there must be some way to prevent it from happening. I've played around with route grouping, useSelectedLayoutSegment, etc, but just can't figure it out.
t1mp444d ago