1,2GB RAM usage in React APP

Do you know if it's normal this size of ram in a frontend created with react and typescript?
Percy45d ago
Project ID: 7aa4dadf-746a-47d6-bd50-72a01cf0d9c6
Sergi45d ago
Medim45d ago
Tbh depends on your project And also how u are serving it in prod Does it use the same amount of RAM running it in local?
Duchess45d ago
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I took a snapshot and it's 9,5MB
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I don't know how to debug this usage in prod
You're seeing this because this thread has been automatically linked to the Help Station thread.
Brody45d ago
so to be clear, the metrics in railway say your app is using 1.2gb? what is your start command / start script?
Sergi44d ago
I have a Dockerfile : FROM node:alpine WORKDIR /app COPY package.json . RUN npm install COPY . . EXPOSE 3000 CMD ["npm", "start"]
Brody44d ago
what is your start script
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