Universal Blueазурный вуфер

waydroid-choose-gpu: no such file or directory

i have a gaming laptop so i would want to choose the nvidia gpu that i have for working with waydroid. ujust setup-waydroid > "Select GPU for Waydroid" gives out an error. text on the screenshot says that in the 35th line of /usr/bin/waydroid-choose-gpu it reported that there is "no such file or directory"
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HikariKnight41d ago
Waydroid does not work with Nvidia, well it works if you force it but it will be worse than the igpu. I will look into the missing script though once I am at the pc seems like it is not in the nvidia image because of this reason and i just forgot to put in a check for it scratch that, kyle said it was an accident that the script is missing in nvidia builds, it will be there in the next successful build @азурный вуфер
dreamyuki41d ago
you can only run waydroid with software renderer on proprietary driver using IGPU is way better option than Nvidia
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