Valora on Instagram/Facebook Promising Free Arcane Sheriff/ 2021 Champions Karambit

Valora is trying to fake us by promising a free arcane sheriff and 2021 champions karambit. Don’t get tempted as my account almost got hacked. They changed my account first but I fortunately got the account back. Watch out guys very dangerous
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jidat43d ago
People are falling for that? :val_KEKW: :val_KEKW: :val_KEKW: :val_KEKW:
Dark43d ago
! mewo43d ago
how did you fall for that free vbucks but we just need your account to key in the number
Dark42d ago
I had 2FA on they still got through
nfgh42d ago
💀 Valora
fecker_42d ago
you have to be 8 if you fall for this lmao
Aynex42d ago
or new to the game? People who are new don't know arcane sheriff is a skin that won't come back at all.
fecker_42d ago
even if you're new to valorant would you really be going on whatever social media account and believing free skins from "Valora"?
Saucywan42d ago
You don't want to know how many people fall for it...
fecker_42d ago
gonna be a very concerning number somehow
Saucywan42d ago
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