Kamp not working

I have followed the instructions on GitHub regarding Kamp but i get an klipper error that says ''Section 'include ./kamp/adaptive_meshing.cfg' is not a valid config section'' . I have double checked everything and i do not know what the problem is. My klipper version is ''Version: v0.12.0-114-ga77d0790 ''. Have anyone gotten kamp to work on a ratrig or now what i might be doing wrong. https://github.com/kyleisah/Klipper-Adaptive-Meshing-Purging
GitHub - kyleisah/Klipper-Adaptive-Meshing-Purging: A unique leveli...
A unique leveling solution for Klipper-enabled 3D printers! - kyleisah/Klipper-Adaptive-Meshing-Purging
SYG|Krizalid8740d ago
don't use kamp, use the adaptive mesh included in ratos
Norparn40d ago
oooo, did not know that that was a thing. thanks i will use that 🙂