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LDO ADXL with RatOS v1.1

I have an LDO Input Shaper Toolkit that I want to use with my V-Core. The kit connects via a header on the raspberry pi. What config changes do I need to make to use the pi for input shaping? I know with RatOS v2 I can use toolboards, but not sure where to go with v1.1...
Should be the same process, i don't remember off the top of my head, but it goes something like: ``` [include config/boards/rpi/config.cfg] [include config/sensors/rpi-adxl345.cfg] [resonance_tester]...

MCU Protocol Error after updats

I ran bunch of updates today and now getting the following error message. I did grab the firmware for my Skr2 and loaded but didn't help. It seems I am on V11 of Klipper and need to go to 12? Klipper reports: ERROR "MCU Protocol error...

custom bed mesh

how do you configure a custom bed mesh szie ( i want to probe more points)

ratos-configurator showing as invalid

I wanted to update my components but I'm not sure about this one. It shows up as invalid and I don't think it has the right version number either. I think its used for configuring the printer first and uploading the firmware to the mcu? Not sure what to do, whether to reset it or not. I want to update klipper which would need to upload new firmware which is done through this configurator I think last time I did it?
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MCU 'mcu' shutdown: ADC out of range

I got the following Error: MCU 'mcu' shutdown: ADC out of range This generally occurs when a heater temperature exceeds its configured min_temp or max_temp....

SD card flash keeps failing.

I keep having that when I flash the ratos image to a sd card that when verifying the flash fails. The sd card is 32 gb but when done it shows like 256 mb and the card has a new unused partition. from 25gb I used 4 different card on 2 pc's whit new downloads from the image. can anybody help me or explain why this is happening?...

Does Prime Blob adjust for Nozzle Size?

I started to experiment with a .8mm nozzle; never used one that large before. One thing I noticed is that the Prime Blob does not seem to be as large as when using a .4mm nozzle and as such is not as effective in removing "strings" from the nozzle tip. Does anyone know if the nozzle size has an impact on extrusion rate or amount?

Printer Speed Settings for VCore 3.1 400

In an effort to dial in my print quality, I ended up down a rabbit hole and now believe I may have some of my wires crossed when it comes to various settings. I'm running an enclosed VC 3.1 400 with a BTT Octopus V1.1 w/ F446 chip and TMC2209 V1.3 Drivers. This is what my printer.cfg currently looks like for my stepper/driver/speed includes and what I have set for speeds in the overrides. I think I may have messed up and pulled these values from the performance ratos guide which appears to be fo...
yes and no. In reality this varies from printer setup to printer setup, so if in doubt, test and find out. For 24V the performance defaults are: ```json { "performance": { "accel": 10000,...
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bed keep hiting nozzle

got vcore 3 running ratos with beacon rev h.. issue after i do all the calibrations for the beacon ,then i do test print ,, why the hell dose the bed keep hitting the bed...i dont get it. and when i do get it to work i do i reboot the setting are not saved and im stuck having to repeat the process...

Section 'ratos_homing' is not a valid config section

Installed on laptop, not pi. Copied the the config files from the github, working my way through errors Klipper is reporting. This one seems to have a lot of the same answer when googling, "Run the ratos configurator to fix the symlinks" but I am not finding what files aren't being symlinked correctly nor where they are/should be.
RSFRibas (SiC FPV)2/17/2024

WiFi off when ethernet cable is disconnected

Hi there! When I reboot my Pi, I always need to have the ethernet cable connected, otherwise my WiFi doesn't work. I've tried a different OS and WiFi works great when booting, so it's not a bad Pi If I simply disconnect the ethernet cable with WiFi connected, I no longer have access to it. My NetworkManager is also not working. Any ideas?...

Octopus V1.1 (F446) SuperPinda Probe Always Triggered on

Hello, currently I've build a V-Core 300 and try to set-up the the z-probe. According to the reactions of the probe (LED turns on and off, with a piece of metal near/far away) it seems to me that the wiring should be ok. When I do the endstop check nothing happens for z-endstop and probe. I've already tried several solutions, invertred the z-pin,.. the only thing what happens is that the endstop-check shows triggered instead of open. (Attached my printer.cfg and a picture of my wiring.) Any help would be appreciated....

Upgrade to Btt Octopus ProF446

Im planning to upgrade my Octopus v1.1 board to Octopus Pro F446 with TMC 5160T Pro drivers to X and Y axis. Can I flash new board using make-and-flash-mcu.sh that is located on Octopus Pro F446 folder on RatOS or is it better to make completely new installation from the beginning.
then update your printer.cfg to match your hardware

Manta M8p 2.0

@jurassicplayer | VC3.1 300 setup wont work and it wont detect the board even whan flashed manually, compile firmware doesnt work either
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Octopus V1.1 detected but is unresponsive.

I keep getting the message "Octopus V1.1 detected but is unresponsive." whenever I try to flash my board. I already went in mainsail and set up the v-core 3 config but returned to the BTT configurator and tried to flash the firmware to the board as a final step. Fortunately the message came up and doesn't allow me to flash the firmware because Klipper isn't running on my board.
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Mainsail not accessible during long prints

Lately, my v.core 3.1 interface has been buggy during long prints. I'm running a webcam through mainsail to keep track of my long prints, but during the last 2 weeks I've had 3 instances during long prints that I will no longer be able to access the web interface. The printer still does its job just fine, and will finish the print perfectly, but I'll have to shutdown the printer and restart to get the interface working again. Any ideas what causes this? Thanks.

DFU not detected, BTT board not detected, can't flash my BTT Octopus v1.1

Hi all, I'm trying to follow along with the RatOS configurator, I flash the Raspberry Pi, have RatOS up and running with the pretty dashboard (this is my third time I keep re-flashing the Pi thinking I'm doing stuff in the wrong order... which I may have done) I go into the configurator and klippy and moonraker are both green, I have the BTT Octopus v1.1 plugged in (from the start this time, so whilst the Pi was flashing). I follow the wizard, selecting my BTT Octopus v1.1, previously I've had the DFU boot option, but the system couldn't detect my BTT/DFU boot. This time round there is only the flash manually option (picture 1), I've tried pressing the restart button on my BTT, still no DFU option....
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Bridging problem with rapido UHF and 0.6mozzle

I’m having a hard time getting my bridges to work - please see picture. I’ve tried different speeds, temps, bridge flow but the solution eludes me. Is the UHF hotend capable of bridging?...
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Today I upgraded to newest version of Beacon and Z tilt is not working.

Today I upgraded Beacon software to v1.0.0-26-gc8726b93 and now z-tilt never completes. Now the Print head probe position changes ie (Right forward, Rear center & Left forward) on every attempt to level the bed. After several calibrate cycles the probe positions have moved towards the rear. I eventually stop the process with E-Stop . Prior to the upgrade the Beacon has worked very well. Any ideas on where I should look to trouble shoot the problem? How can I revert to the previous version...

webcam and dumb user

hi mostly guys and girls i can't get my system to connect a webcam i tried 2 time followed several guides and looked at this discord and the mainsail one and still can't figure what is wrong... i got an error on moonraker i thought it was a due to the fact i haven't done the update and the the updates corrupted itself and so i ended up re installing the whole printer, what do you think went wrong ? and can someone link a install protocol that is up to date...