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Exporting WAF Logs on Business plan

Is it possible to use the API to export the WAF logs and then i can parse and import it to an external SIEM? I know its possible on Enterprise with LogPush but i aren't spending 3k per month
Chaika40d ago
You can export up to 500 on Business at a time
You can export a set of up to 500 raw events from the Activity log in JSON format. Export event data to combine and analyze Cloudflare data with your own stored in a separate system or database, such as a SIEM system. The data you export will reflect any filters you have applied. To export the displayed events (up to 500), select Export in the Activity log. As for an API for that, it looks like it just uses the GraphQL Endpoint and ActivityLogQuery to get the raw events
TheAutisticTechie40d ago
Brilliant thankyou, i'll give this a try and see if i can get it working how I need 🙂 Wish logpush was for businesses too since we also need to keep logs and don't have the same budgets as huge enterprises