sudden cannot load error

error: [Distant Horizons] DistantHorizons: CouLdn't Load or make chunk [12, —12 . Error: null. at {Stack trace unavailble} mods: Indium Bobby c2me Disntant orizons Dynamic FPS ferriteCore Krypton Lithium Reese's Sodium Options Sodium Sodium Extra sodium Updated Tectonic
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ytty #571344d ago
log was to large
Puhpine44d ago
have you applied the c2me workarounds in the c2me settings?
ytty #571344d ago
nope uhm i kinda just put it there, saw chunck management and tought is must have, but ehm kinda deleted my setup, wanted to optimize my client as much as possible so kinda cant check it you seem kinda close to the process, may i ask what is stopping DH from reformatting so it can be ran on gpu(except the work)?
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