Leaving Game Rework?

So Riot should learn the difference between letting your teammates know you need to leave and them understanding. Compared to intentionally screwing your team. Or having the option for your team to vote if you were intentionally leaving to mess them up, or if you had to leave via a task you were told to do immediately. If they vote that you intentionally left then you get punished. But if they vote that you had to do something and they understand, then you don’t have as much as a punishment. People keep saying ‘oh, it’s just swift play, Riot is not going to go Hell on Earth on you and ban you.” But having very little time to actually play then not being able to play for a day because of a 15 min timer sucks. Riot please rework or add a system in place. Thank you,
me41d ago
I have a feeling Riot themselves want most players to play complete matches. If there are a lot of leavers, it could make elo meaningless.
And also it would make at least some players in the lobby mad at the game. Some people don't enjoy stomping enemies where one of them left.