Paid for the Services.

Paid for support, my site is under DDOs attacks I would like a dev to help me resolve this issue. paid for the service.
Erisa43d ago
Did you submit a Support ticket about it?
AcL GameS43d ago
I don't know where to send the ticket to get this support.
zegevlier43d ago
Flare43d ago
To contact Cloudflare Support about an issue, please visit the Support Portal and fill in the form on the portal. After submission, you will receive confirmation over email. Some issues, such as Account or Billing related issues, cannot be solved by the community. Any plan level (including Free plans) can open tickets for Account, Billing or Registrar ticket categories. Make sure to select the correct category to ensure it goes to the right place. For more information on the methods by which you can contact Support for your plan level, see Contacting Cloudflare Support - Cloudflare Docs
zegevlier43d ago
First link in that message ^ Sending me a friend request isn't gonna help. You need to go to the first link in that message and follow the instructions there.
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