Prisma schema for a github-like multi-tenant saas

Github's individual/org/team UI inspired how I want my apps experience to be like. I'm allowing both individuals and organizations to create accounts. I created this to be flexible since I'm not fully sure how I want to handle everything just yet. Hope someone finds it helpful. Features/Capabilities * Individual user accounts * Organization accounts * Users can belong to zero or more organizations * Team support * Organizations can have zero or more teams * Role-based access control that is flexible * Different roles for users in different organizations https://gist.github.com/ldeavila/dbd866d793e7ecda8a43026bda41ae66
martinsos38d ago
Very cool @Ideavila, thanks for sharing! How has this been working for you so far?
ytjtr6urt7j37d ago
i really like how you used the diagram to represent the relations between models @ldeavila