Connect to Slack on multiple workspaces

Following the directions here: I was able to connect our staging workspace to Slack and send messages as Windmill bot. But trying to do the same in our production workspace is causing an error (see attached). Do I need to create separate Slack Apps for each workspace? I am able to OAuth successfully, but seems to fail right after that before WIndmill is able to complete the connection to Slack. Any ideas?
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rubenf44d ago
@Tim correct, we are aware of the issue and I will work on it asap. There is a uniqueness requirement due to our use of the slack connection to handle /commands but we will decouple this. So until we fix it, you will need separate apps indeed, apologies for the issue.
Tim43d ago
gotcha - that works for now. Thanks for the quick reply Hmm - it seems the only place that Slack App OAuth ClientID/Secret can be set is at the Instance level, and only once. How do you connect to separate Slack Apps in different workspaces? @rubenf ^ curious if you have any thoughts. I don't see any way to connect separate apps per workspace
rubenf43d ago
Yes you're right We will have to do our fix
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