Bugged merits deduction.

How to avoid getting minus merit points for leaving island after ACTUALLY I getting a system message "teammate leave/failed join, you can leave game" ??? I got this situation 2 times, 1 some long time ago and 1 just right now.
Quendi43d ago
Hello, @RafaelSnipes! If one or more of your teammates leave the match on spawn Island, you have the choice to leave the match on spawn Island, or when you are on the plane before jumping. This will not affect your results or merit. However, if your merit was deducted even when you met the above condition, please feel free to submit a report of this through #bugs in compliance with the channel's guidelines. Please note that you will need to provide a video recording that will show when it happened. Please record a video of when your merit was deducted after leaving the match when one or more of your teammates had already left the match.