When I move quicky to generate chunks, there is a see-through gap between the real chunks and LOD's

Was just wondering if there was an easy way to prevent this, it seems that whenever I push towards an ungenerated LOD, the distance fades away to nothingness before my actual render distance catches up? Not a massive deal but just breaks the immersion a bit
MarijnIsN00B40d ago
I think what you're seeing is overdraw prevention, maybe add pics of what you mean exactly
sock40d ago
will get a pic shortly I enabled that feature btw but hasn't helped
Groblockia_40d ago
overdraw prevention is a setting that makes lod chunks near you disappear, so they don't render over normal chunks if you want it gone you can disable it entirely but that may cause some visual bugs
MarijnIsN00B40d ago
You can decrease the setting so it will start rendering LODs closer to you
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