Help setting up worker for discord bot

Hello, I wanted to host a discord bot that embeds tiktok links in my friends server. I found this really old bot+cloudflare worker that works but needs a little bit of changing. i was looking for help on how to deploy this. i did the quickstart guide on deploying cloudflare workers. So that makes sense but how does everything else fit in this puzzle? I do have a local machine thats running constantly that i wanted to host it on. and I have a domain for changing the tiktok urls. Bot: Worker:
GitHub - dustinrouillard/tiktok-discord-embeds: Discord bot to list...
Discord bot to listen for Tiktok links and resend them using my Cloudflare OpenGraph worker - dustinrouillard/tiktok-discord-embeds
GitHub - dustinrouillard/tiktok-embeds: Generates OpenGraph meta ta...
Generates OpenGraph meta tags and gets the video file for Tiktoks from their share urls - dustinrouillard/tiktok-embeds
Cyb3r-Jak344d ago
The worker can you deploy with use wrangler deploy but the bot needs to run somewhere else as Cloudflare isn’t for long running processes
LeroyWasKilled44d ago
So far: I've deployed the worker on CloudFlare but idk if it's working. The discord bot container is ready but that's causing issues right now. The problem right now is that it says the discord bot token is invalid i pasted the bot token in client.login in the index.ts and it still throws this error ^
Cyb3r-Jak343d ago
That would be an issue to raise to the creator of the bot.
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