Show Bubble only on Desktop

Has anyone try to only show the bubble on desktop and hide it on mobile devices? I was thinking it may have to be done by writing a Custom script. Please share if you have a better idea. Thanks
Baptiste43d ago
Yes, that should be doable with CSS even. What’s your website builder?
FzinaHaMed43d ago
this is a simple version of it like since most mobile screens are 768px function isMobile() { // Media query to check for specific screen width range commonly associated with mobiles return window.matchMedia("(max-width: 768px)").matches; } // Usage example if (isMobile()) { console.log("Mobile device detected"); // Option to or not, load mobile-specific content or styles here } else { console.log("Laptop or desktop device detected"); // Option to, load desktop-specific content or styles here } it basically checks the screen width range its not optimal for different screen but that you will have to tweak with
yoviaditya43d ago
thanks @Baptiste . we use wordpress appreciate the reply. i am aware about using JS to solve the initial problem of hiding the bubble altogether on mobile. I was kinda interested to know if there's more 'native' way to handle it via Typebots
FzinaHaMed42d ago
oh i dont think so
Baptiste39d ago
No native way to do that 🙏
imoclub39d ago
Why you dont put typebot script inside blocks/container on wordpress then use responsive option to enable it on desktop only? What builder are you using on wordpress?
yoviaditya39d ago
Yes that's what we're planning of doing
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